Winter 2020 Grow Log Week 1

Here we go, starting grow 3!

Staying with a lot of the same elements from the second grow. Northern Light XL Feminized Seeds, same nutrients, same light. Overall the same grow setup as far as equipment and genetics are concerned.

The main difference this grow from the last is, I am not going to try and do more than 1 plant per tent. More than 1 plant per tent reduces the yield per plant. I am going with just one plant per tent.

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Marijuana Plant Low Stress Training Wrap Up

Nice Looking Northern Light Bud Just Before Harvest

It has been a few months of my first attempt at low stress training a marijuana plant. I recently harvested the plant and want to share my experience with a marijuana plant low stress training wrap up post.

As you may recall, as part of my second marijuana grow, I wanted to try out ways to increase the yield each plant produces. Based on my little bit of understanding, low stress training or LST is a simple way to do that, so I decided to give it a try on a plant.

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