10 Reasons to Use Grow Tents for Indoor Marijuana Growing in Michigan

10 Reasons to Use Grow Tents for Indoor Marijuana Growing in Michigan
Standard Marijuana Grow Tent

For Michigan indoor marijuana growers, grow tents offer substantial advantages for personal use marijuana grows over other grow space options such as grow boxes and grow rooms.

Learn why grow tents are a good choice for growing your own marijuana indoors in Michigan.

Interior of Marijuana Grow Tent with Plants
Marijuana Grow Tent Interior with Plants

10 Reasons to use Grow Tents for Indoor Marijuana Growing in Michigan:

  • Efficient Use of Space – Having a defined space for your plants helps you stay in control of your grow.
  • Controlled Environment – Grow tents create a controlled environment for going marijuana. You can really create the perfect growing environment in a grow tent. Temperature, humidity, light, airflow can be tweaked to your liking. Minimize the variables of growing marijuana by using a grow tent.
  • Energy Efficient – Use less energy to grow your plants.
  • Reduces Smell – With proper ventilation, the only time there should be a smell is when you open the grow tent to tend to your plants.
  • Light Control – Stop leaking light and provides complete darkness. Marijuana grow tent interior is highly reflective mylar which helps conserve light inside and keep out exterior light.
  • Helps Control Insects – Grow tents help to keep out insects and pests
  • Affordable – Compared to retrofitting a grow room or buying a grow box, grow tents are very affordable. Materials alone for a DIY grow box would cost more than a grow tent.
  • Portable – If you ever need to move your equipment, grow tents are easy to disassemble and move.
  • Discrete – Keep your plants away from prying eyes. As recommended by MIGrowSpot.com, keeping your grow tents in a locked room minimizes the chances of anyone seeing your plants.
  • Sized to Fit Your Needs – Grow tents come in a variety of sizes. You can choose the size that fits your growing situation.
  • No Structural Impact – No need for expensive and permanent changes to your building as with setting up a grow room. Grow tents can be quickly set up in any available indoor space.

All of these reasons result in what every grower really wants, higher yields with less cost and effort!

Grow tents offer perfect mix of affordability, efficiency and ease that makes using a grow tent the best option for many Michigan personal use marijuana growers. 

Now that you know the benefits of using a grow tent, take a look at what to look for when choosing a grow tent.

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