Best Way to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

About six months ago I was gifted 20 NorthernLights and 20 White Widow marijuana seeds.

I was in the middle of my first grow at the time and it just did not have the ability to use the seeds until recently.

With it time to start my next grow, I am excited to finally use these seeds!

A nice bonus is with so many seeds, it gives me an opportunity to try different approaches and make some errors, starting with germinating the seeds. Let’s find out the best way to germinate marijuana seeds!

Before starting of course, I researched online how to germinate marijuana seeds and what is the best way to germinate marijuana seeds.

What I found, is a lot of people sharing their experiences germinating marijuana seeds. There is a good amount of information on the topic.

With germinating marijuana seeds being such a well discussed topic comes a lot of opinions and differing experiences. What might work to germinate marijuana seeds for one person might not work for another.

I did not really feel like there was a sure fire way to germinate marijuana seeds.

What I did gather, is that one of the main components to successfully germinating marijuana seeds is to keep them always damp, if not wet. Hydration is important to wake up the seeds and get them started.

With this in mind, I decided to try a few different approaches. With a hope of finding the best way to germinate marijuana seeds consistently.

Some constants to keep in mind for these test:

  • 11 Northern Lights seeds. Seeds are at least 6 months old, that I am aware of. Who knows how much older beyond that. To my knowledge these seeds have top shelf genetics from a reputable source.
  • Temperature is consistently in the 76 – 80 degree range.
  • Humidity is in the mid 40% percent range. This is a bit too dry as I understand it for germinating marijuana seeds or marijuana plants in general, but thats what it is.
  • Seeds are inside a Vivosun 48″x48″x80″ grow tent. Aglex 2000w COB LED grow light positioned about 42 inches above the seedings.
  • Germinated seeds will be going into a mix of coco coir and vermiculite medium.

Peat Pellet Germination Method

For the first attempt at finding the best way to germinate marijuana seeds, I went with 2 seeds. Directly in very wet peat pellets. This is the way I start garden seeds and have had success with this method in that way.

Of the 2 seeds, 1 seed came up fairly quickly, after about 5 days. The second seed did nothing. No germination after 10 days.

50% germination rate, but a very small sample size.

24 Hour Soak + Peat Pellet Germination Method

For the second attempt, I went with 3 seeds, soaked the seeds in a bowl of water for about 24 hours. Supposedly, any good seeds will sink to the bottom in that time. None of my seeds did. They were all floating on the top still.

None of the seeds had germinated at this point.

After 24 hours soaking, I inserted each of the Northern Lights seeds into a very wet peat pellet and waited. After a week, one seed had sprouted. Nothing visibly noticeable on the remaining 2 seeds. A few more days go by, day 10 now. The first seed is doing well, but nothing popping up on the other 2.

The above gallery shows my current process when germinating with peat pellets and then transplanting into a party cup. I remove the webbing around the peat pot when planting into the party cup.

By day 14, I opened up the remaining 2 peat pellets to see if the seeds had germinated at all. They had not.

I had a 33% germination success rate with this method.

Wet Paper Towel Germination Method

For the third and final attempt, I took the remaining 6 Northern Lights marijuana seeds and went with the traditional method that I am aware of for germinating marijuana seeds. A wet paper towel with the seeds folded inside. Placed in a plastic sandwich bag, and left on the top of the refrigerator for 5 – 7 days.

With the wet towel method, 100% germination rate! After 5 days, all of the seeds had cracked open and the initial root is starting to grow.

From there I placed the seeds in a party cup containing the standard coco coir and vermiculite mix. 2 seedlings have popped up so far after about 6 days, 3 sprouts by day 7. Will give a couple more days to see if any of the remaining seeds poke through.

Day 8 and All Looks Well for These Marijuana Plants

I am thinking that the wet paper towel method keeps the moisture locked in. Constantly wet and humid. With the peat pellet methods, though I kept the pellets damp. I think they still dried out a bit too quickly for optimal germination.

From what I am seeing trying to germinate marijuana seeds different ways. The best way to germinate marijuana seeds is the wet paper towel method. The next time I germinate marijuana seeds, this will be the method I use.

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