Day 24 Practice Topping a Marijuana Plant

Before Topping Marijuana Plant Day 24

As I have mentioned in past updates, there is one particular marijuana plant that keeps growing up, but few side branches.

The side shoots that are growing are weak and taking a long time to grow.

I don’t know why this particular plant is doing this.

One of the weaker looking plants.

To give topping my plants a test run, I chose this plant to be the test subject for my first time ever topping a marijuana plant.

Needless to say, topping the plants is likely needed, so I choose this under performing spindly plant to practice on.

For me, it takes a lot of internal effort to do this. With the focus on trying to solve the problems the plants have had, it is hard for me to cut off the top of a plant. The part that doesn’t look bad!

I have researched multiple times online in the last 2 weeks regarding topping marijuana plants.

As far as the timing of when to top a marijuana plant, the consensus seems to be when the plant has 4 – 5 nodes. The plant I chose to top, fits this description. Maybe even a little too big.

After Topping Marijuana Plant Day 24

Now is the moment of truth.

I stared at the plant for a good 5 minutes building up my courage.

Finally, I just went ahead and pulled the trigger.

I topped the plant, lobbing off a good amount (in my opinion) of top growth.

It hurts me to do it, but it had to be done !

Will monitor this plant closely to see if the side shoots start to grow out better. Hopefully, the plant starts to get more bushy.

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