Fall 2019 Grow Wrap Up

My Favorite Plant from the Fall 2019 Grow.
The best plant so far. 4 ounces of sticky flower that knocks my socks off.

I am happy to report that the Fall 2019 grow is complete. This grow went far better than my first grow.

I feel good with the results. I learned a lot and had what I think is a successful harvest from the second grow.

Some of the main take aways from this grow include:

  • When it comes to growing marijuana indoors in a 4 x 4 x8 grow tent, one plant is really at that can fit all the way through to harvest. Check out my opinion, based on my experience so far, about how many marijuana plants will fit in a 4 x 4 x 8 grow tent here.
  • When it comes to germinating seeds, trying a few different methods, I had the best success with seeds in a wet paper towel inside a sandwich bag on top of the refrigerator for 5 days. Take a look at the test I ran to gain insight in the best way to germinate marijuana seeds here.
  • Low stress training is an easy way to get 25% more flower from a plant. Learn with me as I explore the details of low stress training for marijuana plants across a number of posts.
  • Right now, the highest yield I have harvested from a plant is 4 ounces. It is nice to have a measurement of progress and a number to compare future yields per plant against.
  • I have a hard time eyeballing how much a plant is going to yield. I get excited when I see big buds forming and over estimate how much the plant will yield.

Looking forward to the next grow, my plan is to leverage the things I learned from this grow to a greater extent. For example, because I am going to only go with one plant per tent, I can have a bigger fabric pot than the 5 gallon fabric pots I have been using. I understand that more roots equals more flower from what I have read so interested to test that out.

Also I have the idea to try the Screen of Green training method. As I understand it right now, this would be the next level of low stress training. I am eager to try that out to increase yield per plant.

In conclusion, my second grow was much better than the first grow. I learned some pretty good information and have added to my knowledge about growing marijuana indoors. I think that closes the book on the second grow. Looking forward to grow number three!

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