First Time Growing Michigan Marijuana Indoors Day 20 Update

Here we are at day 20 of the first time growing Michigan marijuana indoors.

It has been mostly a waiting game the past couple of days.

Today, was just a routine task. Watering.

pH Adjusted Tap Water

Gave the plants a good watering today. No nutrients. pH adjusted to the 6.0 range.

About 1.5 gallons of water, evenly distributed across 12 plants.

A note on the water is that I fill up gallon jugs a few days before watering. Might be folklore, but I have heard over the years that letting the water “air out” a few days helps to release some of the chlorine in the water. I don’t know for a fact if this is true or not. I do let the water sit for a few days before using.

I still didn’t get much runoff out the bottom at 1.5 gallons. I am still hesitant of over watering, so I can live with it. As the plants get bigger, maybe its time to start watering in the 2 gallon range.

Day 20 Plant Health

I would say about half the plants look better than the others.

Some of the plants are showing good side shoot development. New growth on the healthier plants is a darker green. Minor brown tips on most of the new growth.

Other plants are showing a variety of lingering issues. For example, one plant just keeps growing upwards with no side shoots yet. One of the tallest plants.

As mentioned in past updates there are a couple of stunted plants, still not growing much.

Old growth on many of the plants is still a bright yellow-green.

Day 20 Summary

Plants seem to be OK from the last feeding. Light being raised seems to be doing OK.

At least the plants do not seem to be getting worse. Maybe marginally better.

Will stay the course over the next 2 – 3 days and see where we are at then.

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