First Time Growing Michigan Marijuana Indoors Day 24 Update

Water + Nutrients

First time growing Michigan marijuana indoors day 24 update is pretty straightforward. I followed the same water and nutrients as on day 18.

1 gallon of pH balanced water mixed with the carefully measured amounts of nutrients.

Applied evenly across all plants.

Most of the containers were definitely on the dry side. It was time to water.

Noting it has been 4 days since the last watering where I gave the girls 1.5 gallons of straight pH balanced water.

I like the containers to dry out in about 2 days to avoid water logging the roots. Went back to 1 gallon this watering.

Day 24 Plant Health

Plants are not necessarily looking any worse. New growth is a dark green and is showing less issues. Minor burning on the leaf tips, but not the problems I have been seeing the last couple of weeks. New growth is looking much better than most of the old growth.

Old growth that was damaged continues to look bad, but it seems like it has stabilized.

Still some lingering concerns but for now, trying to maintain some stability for a bit longer. Give the plants more time to recover.

I continue to research about marijuana plant health and at this point, it could still be the light (it is at the maximum height but still about 6 inches closer than the manufacturer recommends), or any number of micro nutrients deficiencies.

I feel confident that the pH is correct, I am applying the recommended amount of nutrients and watering the right amount.

The damaged old growth being so bad looking might be skewing my overall perception, but to my eye, I wish the plants looked better.

Trying to focus on the positives that the plants don’t seem to be getting any worse, there is new growth and about half of the plants are filling out.

I would not describe the plants as looking totally happy, but they are looking better than they ever have. I think we are making progress in the right direction.

Estimating on average, about an inch of new height since the last feeding. About half of the plants are showing strong side shoots.

It is starting to show which are the strong plants and which are the under performers.

Next Steps

Plants are at the point where they are as big as they should be in the current containers. Almost time to transplant…

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