First Time Growing Michigan Marijuana Indoors Update Day 21

Wow time is flying by. Already at day 21, week 3!

When I started this project it seemed as if it would feel like forever before I had some legal Michigan marijuana to enjoy. But really, the days and weeks are moving quickly.

So much to learn and adjust it really makes the time go by fast! Before I know it it will be time to switch from vegetative to blooming!

Here is the log of adjustments I made today and thoughts after 3 weeks of growing indoor marijuana in Michigan for personal recreational use.

Adjusted the Light Height Again!

Finally got my hands on a tape measure. Have been looking around for days, I know I have a few, I just can’t find them. I ended up buying a new one. I am sure I will find the others now!

Aglex 2000 Watt LED COB Grow Light

With my new measuring tape, I was able to finally measure the distance between the light and the top of the tallest plants. 45 inches. About 9 inches below the manufacturers recommended distance.

More information that probably one of my larger problems is the light is STILL to close.

I moved the light up as far as it would go and it is currently at 50 inches above the top of the plants. Still a little bit short of what the manufacturer recommends at 4.5 feet or 54 inches.

Probably the Aglex 2000 Watt LED Grow Light I have is too powerful for my grow tent size.

Based on the light being as high as it can go and the plants are still growing in early to mid vegetative stage, I changed the light schedule from 20 – 4 to the standard 18 – 6.

I figure since the light is still too close to the plants and only going to get closer, to give the girls as long of a break as possible to recover.

Additionally, I need to consider topping or training these plants to help keep the height down. I am nervous about this. Training less so, but still the issue of timing that with repotting.

Still researching and thinking on the best course of action, but I feel I will have to make a decision soon.

Day 21 Equipment Notes

Added another 12 inch fan today. The plants seems to be dancing pretty good now. I feel confident there is air moving around enough to create strong stalks and circulate appropriately.

Week 3 Plant Health Notes

Plants Averaging 10 Inches in Height
Many of the plants are 9 – 10 inches tall at this point.

Plants are ranging from 5.5 inches to 10 inches in height now. The couple of stunted plants are at the low end of the range. The majority of plants are in the 8 – 10 inch range.

Most of the plants are definitely growing and staying a darker green Plants are looking a little bit better, but still not “happy” yet in my opinion.

With all of the problems the plants have been having to this point, I think I have lost 1 – 2 weeks of the normal grow cycle. I am thinking to go long on vegetative to try and recover before switching to bloom.

Week 3 Thoughts

All of the problems I have had with my plants so far is because I didn’t take the time to measure things out correctly. Be it light height or nutrient levels or evenly watering. On the next grow, I will definitely be much more patient and take my time to do it as “right” as I can from the start.

Now that I have taken the time and effort to correct the problems I have found, I feel like going into week 4 the plants are in the best position they have ever been in.

Continuing to get a better understand of the equipment and rhythm of the plants.

Finally, growing my own marijuana for personal, recreational use in Michigan is much more hands on than I thought it would be. Of course a lot of this is trying to dial in the environment and troubleshoot the problems, but these plants need care almost every day in some way. I was thinking the time spans between adjustments would be longer, but lately it has been every day.

Maybe just my newbie experience, but definitely more active of a hobby than I thought it would be. I was prepared to forget about the plants for a few days at a time. That is not a possibility from what I am seeing. I would say the plants need daily nurturing in some way.

Growing marijuana takes up a good amount of my daily thoughts and a fair amount of time. Just noting that it is more than my (probably in error) expectation.

Things might settle down as the environment gets dialed in better.

I wish my plants were happier, but so far growing legal marijuana in Michigan for personal/recreational use has been challenging, engaging, rewarding and an overall positive experience to this point.

On The Horizon

I ordered 5 gallon fabric pots to repot the plants in. They should be delivered next week some time. Once I get them, there will be a high stress time of transplanting my marijuana plants.

Bloom time is coming up quicker than I am ready for I think. Right now I feel like I can barely keep these plants alive in vegetative state. With the intricacies of blooming marijuana to make nice buds is going to a whole new set of hurdles to overcome.

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