First Time Growing Michigan Marijuana Indoors Day 18 Update

Water + Nutrients

Today is the day I got it right (I think)!

I followed the week 3 coco coir nutrient schedule as exactly as I could.

Precisely measured out the nutrients, adjusted pH and effectively applied the water and nutrients to the plants in an even and consistent manner.

Deliberate and considered in every action today.

I am trying to minimize the variables and I think I accomplished that with today’s water and nutrient application.

1 gallon of water/nutrients across 12 plants.

One thing to note is I did not get 10 – 20% runoff as recommended.

With the problems the plants are having, I did not want to give more nutrients and also did not want to dilute the nutrients I just gave by adding more plain water.

I would say todays watering is a little bit on the light side.

Next watering I will give a little bit more plain water and make sure to get a 10 – 20% runoff.

Another item to note is that the feeding schedule I started today is much less than what I was using. Originally I was going off the recommendations on the nutrient bottles. The amount of nutrients today was half that of what the bottle was recommending.

I hope this helps to reduce the symptoms the plants are showing. Will monitor closely.

Adjusted the Light Height (Again)

About 4 days back, based on a conversation with a friend, I lowered the light.

Yesterday, as I was trying to troubleshoot my marijuana plant problems, I took a look at the Aglex 2000w LED Grow Light user manual.

Light burn is one of the potential issues, so wanted to check the documentation for accurate info.

The user manual clearly states that the 2000w LED is equivalent to a 1500w HPS light. The recommended distance from the plants for the 2000w model is 4.5 ft.

Based on this, I raised the light almost a high as I could get it. I didn’t measure it (I should) but on a rough estimate I would say the light is now about 4.5 feet above the plants.

The light was about 3 – 3.5 ft. above the plants prior.

Its difficult to get a sense of the strength of the light because I have nothing to compare too.

As I understand the light currently (after reading the user manual), the Aglex 2000w Grow Light is a powerful light.

I am not sure how much difference a foot in height will make, but I am interested to find out.

Hoping that light burn is part of the issue. I think it is. Will keep an eye on it.

Light height opens up a potential problem in the future as the plants grow taller. The light can only go so high. Will keep this on the radar as we move closer to the blooming stage.

Next Steps

The plan right now is to leave the plants alone until the next watering. In a couple of days give a deeper watering. I will continue to monitor plant appearance in the meantime.

Closing Thoughts for Today

I feel like with raising the light and being light on the nutrients today I made good progress todays reducing the problems I am seeing with the plants.

At the very least I have a more refined understanding of the feeding process and light. More confident that I am doing things correctly in these areas.

Lets see how the next couple of days go.

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