LST Versus Untrained Weigh In

During my Fall 2019 grow, one of the things I explored was low stress training.

I wanted to see if LST produced more flower than an untrained marijuana plant.

With the latest grow complete I can do an apples to apples, side by side comparison based on weight.

Here are the results of comparing LST versus untrained plants based on weight.

Get the details about the low stress training method at the Marijuana Plant Low Stress Training Wrap Up post.

My opinion before weigh in was I was happy with how that plant turned out. It had a bunch of colas and was a more compact plant. I found the trained plant to be a bit easier to manage than an untrained plant.

For the untrained plant, I let it grow as it would normally. Just a little bit of trimming early on. Northern Lights marijuana wants to grow one main cola. I was definitely wanting to see if LST was appropriate for Northern Lights.

For my purposes, I feel like I got a pretty good test this time around. All of the growing conditions are exactly the same.

The only thing different between the 2 plants is applying low stress training or letting the plant go untrained.

I wouldn’t say my results are definitive due to the small sample size. As far as an indicator to the question, does a low stress training marijuana plant yield more flower at harvest than an untrained plant? I feel like I have a pretty good answer based on my direct experiences.

Comparing the Harvest Between Low Stress Training Marijuana Plant and an Untrained Marijuana Plant
On the left is the harvest from the plant I applied Low Stress Training to. 4 ounces of usable bud. On the right is the harvest from the untrained plant. Just under 3 ounces.

Based on my experience, I feel pretty confident that using LST to increase marijuana harvest yields is a good method.

Prior to the final weigh in I really had my doubts about the low stress trained plant. The untrained plant was bigger, had a sizable main cola and a number of lesser colas. From the look of the main cola, I thought I was in for a surprise. That the untrained plant was going to be the winner. That was not the case. Clearly more flower from the low stress training plant.

Besides learning that low stress training is an easy way to increase flower harvest. I also learned I am really bad at visually estimating how much a plant will produce. Once the flowers dried, are trimmed and weighed, what I thought the totals would be were definitely more than what each plant weighed in at.

I am a little bit embarrassed to admit, I had dreams of one pound plants 🙂 My expectations are definitely more aligned with reality going forward.

With future grows, I would say if I don’t try another training method, low stress training is a simple way to get 25% more flower from a plant. It’s so easy, I can’t think of a reason not to do it. Especially when compared to an untrained plant.

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