First Time Growing Michigan Marijuana Indoors Update Day 21

Plants Averaging 10 Inches in Height

Wow time is flying by. Already at day 21, week 3!

When I started this project it seemed as if it would feel like forever before I had some legal Michigan marijuana to enjoy. But really, the days and weeks are moving quickly.

So much to learn and adjust it really makes the time go by fast! Before I know it it will be time to switch from vegetative to blooming!

Here is the log of adjustments I made today and thoughts after 3 weeks of growing indoor marijuana in Michigan for personal recreational use.

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pH Test for Marijuana Growing

pH Test for Marijuana Plants
pH Test for Marijuana Plants
pH is pretty good here. Leaning towards 6.5. Way better than it was originally at 9.0. (Color is a little more brown in the picture than it really is).

One of the main takeaways I had from my first week growing marijuana in Michigan was to make sure the pH of my water is correct.

To date, I have tested the water pH after I added the nutrients.

As I mentioned in the last post, initial pH testing showed the water was way too basic. 9.0, if not worse.

I thought at the time, this was due to the nutrients in the water.

Today I had the idea to pH test plain tap water.

Sure enough, water straight from the tap with no nutrients is very basic. I would say in the 8.0 – 8.5 range.

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