Marijuana Plant Low Stress Training Week 2

Checking in on how my first attempt at marijuana plant low stress testing week 2 is coming along.

I would say the plant is doing well.

Over the last week or so, I continued to use garden wire to shape the plant. Added safety pins to use as an anchor point on the fabric pot.

As soon as another node or two has grown, I added some more wire to continue bending the plant down.

From what I am seeing, the secondary shoots are doing what they should. Growing to take the place of the main cola.

Growth over the last week overall has been very solid in my opinion. I am happy with the way the plant is progressing.

I wonder about trimming off some of the fan leaves to give more light to the inner leaves, but have not done so yet. Still researching and thinking on it.

I am hesitant to add another variable to the mix. At the same time, I think maybe some light fan leaf trimming would open up the inside leaves to getting more light.

The current plan is to continue to bend the plant around the perimeter of the fabric pot. With the goal to allow as many secondary shoots as possible to get access to enough light. Each turning into its own cola

I will update again on the progress of marijuana plant low stress training as we get into week 3 and 4.

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