Marijuana Plant Low Stress Training Wrap Up

It has been a few months of my first attempt at low stress training a marijuana plant. I recently harvested the plant and want to share my experience with a marijuana plant low stress training wrap up post.

As you may recall, as part of my second marijuana grow, I wanted to try out ways to increase the yield each plant produces. Based on my little bit of understanding, low stress training or LST is a simple way to do that, so I decided to give it a try on a plant.

The idea behind LST when it comes to growing marijuana is that by bending the main stem of the plant down, it forces the plant to grow strong shoots and this produces multiple colas rather than a a main cola. Thus improving yield.

In my experience that is exactly what happened. Multiple secondary shoots turn into sizable colas. Many colas per plant.

Colas look robust to my eye.

Overall, I was very happy with this plant and it grew easily the entire time. No problems at all.

With this one plant, I was able to harvest 4 ounces of usable flower. I let the flowers dry for about 10 days before final trim and weigh.

Not bad. Definitely better than what I was harvested on my first grow, per plant.

Checking the data sheets at a few of seed banks, I see the average yield per plant for Northern Light XL is 50 – 60 grams per plant. I do see a mention of 100 grams per plant. On the high end, about 3.5 ounces a plant when grown indoors. My plant came in at around 113 grams of dried smokable bud.

I trimmed the ;larger leaves off at harvest and let the buds dry for about 10 days on the stalk. Then I trimmed and weighed. In the end, the low stress training plant produced 4 ounces of usable flower.

Something also that is important to note is that I had this plant alone in a tent. No competition between plants, as it was with the first grow.

Now the question is did this marijuana plant that I applied low stress training to, produce more than a marijuana plant without using low stress training?

Fortunately I have another plant that will be ready in a few weeks where I did not use LST. Once that plant is harvested, dried and trimmed, I can make a side by side comparison and get a real answer to my original question. Does marijuana plant low stress training produce more? I will know soon.

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