Marijuana Plant Low Stress Training Week 1

One of the main issues I think I had with my first attempt growing marijuana legally for personal recreational use in Michigan, is I did not train the plants at all.

The lack of plant training definitely affected my yield (amongst many other problems). Many tiny buds, only bigger buds on the main cola of each plant. Not efficient at all.

With my second attempt at growing, I have a little bit more leeway to try some things out. I really want to try training a marijuana plant to get multiple colas and help improve the yield per plant. I have never attempted to train a marijuana plant.

Over the last 4 weeks I have been testing out different ways to find the best way to germinate marijuana seeds, and I have one Northern Lights plant that is about 3 weeks along. Healthy looking plant so far.

I decided to take the plunge and try to train this marijuana plant.

As always, I researched first.

Here is the basics of what I have gathered online about training marijuana plants:

  • There are many ways to train marijuana plants. generally divided into low stress and high stress approaches.
  • Training involves manipulating a plant in a way that each bud site gets enough light to grow into its own cola. Resulting in multiple colas, rather than a single cola for an untrained plant. The idea is that there are few, if any small buds and only colas. Thus increasing each plants yield.
  • Start training early. When the plant has 4 to 6 nodes. A node is each set of leaves.

Based on what I have read, I decided to go with the low stress training method for my plant.

Some specifics about marijuana plant low stress training:

  • You can grow the plant in any shape or pattern you like. There a plenty of different ways to go. Pretty much only limited by your imagination. The goal being to allow each bud site to grow more uniformly with more even access to light.
  • Low stress training is just that, low stress on the plant. Minimal, if any slow growth that comes with higher stress training methods.
  • Some growers will top their plants as part of low stress training. This is not absolutely required and marijuana plant low stress training can be as simple as bending the main stem to break the apical dominance of the main stem.
  • Train soft, new growth. Be very gentle. Careful not to break any stems.

With a basic understanding of marijuana plant low stress training, I gave it a shot.

Main Stem Low Stress Training Step by Step

Ultimately, I went with really the simplest method of marijuana plant low stress training, bending over the main stalk.

I probably could have waited for one more node to form, but I want to start training early.

As you can see, marijuana low stress training can be really simple and easy. See for yourself in the gallery below:

It took a light touch to hook the wire around the plant. I was very careful to apply enough pressure to bend, but not break the stem. It is a delicate operation on a young plant.

As the plant grows, I will need to continue to train it. The plan is to grow the plant in a circular fashion around the edge of the pot. This is based on it seems to be the easiest and least complicated marijuana plant low stress training pattern.

I am looking forward to learning about marijuana low stress training and practicing the skill on this plant. I will be sure to update as the plant grows!

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