pH Test for Marijuana Growing

pH Test for Marijuana Plants
pH is pretty good here. Leaning towards 6.5. Way better than it was originally at 9.0. (Color is a little more brown in the picture than it really is).

One of the main takeaways I had from my first week growing marijuana in Michigan was to make sure the pH of my water is correct.

To date, I have tested the water pH after I added the nutrients.

As I mentioned in the last post, initial pH testing showed the water was way too basic. 9.0, if not worse.

I thought at the time, this was due to the nutrients in the water.

Today I had the idea to pH test plain tap water.

Sure enough, water straight from the tap with no nutrients is very basic. I would say in the 8.0 – 8.5 range.

Good to know that at the very foundation, the pH of my water is off.

Every watering will need to be corrected to get the pH right.

I am using General Hydroponics pH Control Kit to measure and adjust pH.

Here are few things I have picked up from testing pH for marijuana growing:

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit Information Sheet
With very basic pH, nitrogen is not available very much. This could have been a big part of my problems all along!
  • Just a couple drops of pH Down makes a big difference in the pH. Use pH down sparingly.
  • Raising the pH with pH Up takes a bit more of the base solution.
  • The pH Test Indicator Solution will probably run out well before the pH adjustment solutions.
  • It takes a bit of practice and repeat testing to get the pH correct.
  • Test water pH at every step. Tap water to get a baseline result, after adding nutrients and then again with any runoff after watering. There is a lot of pH testing in my future.
  • Correct pH is far more important than I initially realized.

To summarize, what I have learned so far is to take pH more seriously!

This is something that is very controllable and I should have been more diligent from the start.

Make sure the pH is correct from the start and that is one less thing to consider if (when) problems occur.

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