Winter 2020 Grow Log Week 1

Here we go, starting grow 3!

Staying with a lot of the same elements from the second grow. Northern Light XL Feminized Seeds, same nutrients, same light. Overall the same grow setup as far as equipment and genetics are concerned.

The main difference this grow from the last is, I am not going to try and do more than 1 plant per tent. More than 1 plant per tent reduces the yield per plant. I am going with just one plant per tent.

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Fall 2019 Marijuana Grow Log Week 3

Transplanting Marijuana Plant Seedlings

My second attempt at legally growing marijuana indoors for personal use in Michigan is well under way.

As I outlined in prior posts, I tried various ways to germinate Northern Light XL, feminized seeds to find out the best way to germinate marijuana seeds. Through that, I currently have 5 plants growing.

In the past couple of weeks the seedlings seem to be doing pretty well in solo cups. Growing to the point that it is time to transplant into a larger container.

5 Northern Light XL seeds in Solo cups. About 2 weeks old. #3 and #5 plants are the weaker of the group. Other plants look happy and healthy.

To my eye, the plants look like they are about ready to be potted in the container they will be in until harvest. I went ahead and transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pots. Standard coco coir and vermiculite mix growing medium.

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