Thoughts on Michigan Marijuana News Coverage

Thoughts on Michigan Marijuana News Coverage
Thoughts on Michigan Marijuana News Coverage

It is interesting to me that when it comes to recreational marijuana in Michigan, the media is focused almost exclusively on marijuana businesses. 

A quick search for anything related to Michigan marijuana news shows the majority of information available is from a business perspective.

Communities that are opting out of commercial marijuana sales, news about how recreational marijuana will not be available for purchase until 2020, marijuana tax revenues and overall focused on the business side of Prop 1.

Let’s face it, most Michigan residents are not going to start a for profit marijuana business. 

There is little information on what is truly amazing about the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act. That it allows individuals to grow their own marijuana for personal and recreational use.

A person who wants to grow their own marijuana can easily have a consistent supply of high quality marijuana. You can grow your own, up to 12 plants and 10 ounces! This is plenty of marijuana for individual use.

Because of this, there is no need to go to a third party at all. You don’t have to buy marijuana ever. You can grow your own!

While it is great that in a couple of years anyone over 21 years old can go to licensed sellers and buy marijuana. Its good that communities have control over marijuana businesses in their municipalities. It is absolutely amazing that as individuals we can grow our own marijuana in Michigan.

This is the real Michigan marijuana news!

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