Winter 2020 Grow Log Week 1

Here we go, starting grow 3!

Staying with a lot of the same elements from the second grow. Northern Light XL Feminized Seeds, same nutrients, same light. Overall the same grow setup as far as equipment and genetics are concerned.

The main difference this grow from the last is, I am not going to try and do more than 1 plant per tent. More than 1 plant per tent reduces the yield per plant. I am going with just one plant per tent.

Back on 01-07-2020, I started 3 Northern Lights seeds. Germinated them, and all three seeds sprouted. On 01-12-2020, I planted the germinated seeds in Solo cups, filled with growing medium. They are all sprouting up so far.

Went with 3 seeds, incase one fails somewhere along the way.

On this grow I plan to try a couple of different changes that I hope will increase yield per plant.

The first thing I am going to do is because I am only growing 1 plant per tent, I am going to use a bigger fabric pot than I have in the past. Until this grow, I have always used 5 gallon fabric pots because I was trying to do multiple plants per tent. Now, with only 1 plant I can give that single plant a bigger pot.

As I understand it, a bigger pot is going to allow for a more robust root system which in turn should contribute to a higher yield. Right now I have 7 gallon and 10 gallon fabric pots on hand. I would like to try the full 10 gallon pot, but my concern is transplanting to such a big pot. Does moving a plant to a pot that size require multiple transplants? I will have to look into it.

The other main change this grow is I am going to try the Screen of Green method of marijuana plant training. From what I understand so far from introductory research, Screen of Green is a natural evolution of low stress training. Screen of Green is going to require that I build a screen to train the plant on. This will be a bit of a project and is just in the early planning stage right now. I will keep you posted as it develops.

My expectation with this grow is to make further progress maximizing the yield I can harvest from one marijuana plant on an indoor grow with my current equipment.

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